Martha’s House & Assisted Living Facility Visitation Policy


The following is our facility’s visitation policy inclusive of the “No Patient Left Alone” bill, Florida Statute 408.823.

General Visitation Guidelines:

  • Martha’s House is open for visitation Sunday-Saturday between the hours of 9:am and 9:00 pm. Visits outside of stated hours may be granted per request.
  • Residents are generally allowed up to 5 visitors at a time for up to 2 hrs of time. However, greater numbers of visitors and length of visits may be permitted by request under special circumstances.
    • Family members, friends, and individuals visiting residents in end-of-life situations including any resident enrolled in hospice are allowed visitation at any time.
  • All Visitors shall sign in and out in our visitor’s log.
  • Visitors may be required to wear facemasks covering the mouth and nose for the duration of the visit based on local and state guidelines.
  • Visitors will undergo a brief COVID-19 screening process including a forehead temperature check.
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available at the sign-in desk for all visitors.

Specifically, s. 408.823, F.S. requires that Martha’s House must allow in-person visitation under specified circumstances including:

  • End-of-life situations.
  • A resident, client, or patient who was living with his or her family before being admitted to the provider’s care is struggling with the change in environment and lack of in-person family support.
  • The resident, client, or patient is making one or more major medical decisions.
  • A resident, client, or patient is experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a friend or family member who recently died.
  • A resident, client, or patient needs cueing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.

Additionally, the following guidelines must also be observed:

  • Proof of vaccine or immunization may not be required.
  • Consensual physical contact between the resident, client, or patient and the visitor must be allowed.


Thank you. We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines and look forward to seeing you at your next visit to Martha’s House.

*Policy is subject to change in accordance with any changes/amendments to the state’s order or guidelines.